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Current and upcoming calls for proposals and tenders within the specific programmes of the Third Framework Programme, August 1993

The status of calls for proposals (to 31 August 1993) for the ongoing Community programmes of RTD in the context of the Third Framework Programme, 1990-1994, and other related programmes, is as follows: Third Framework Programme: - Information technology (ESPRIT 3): No calls...

The status of calls for proposals (to 31 August 1993) for the ongoing Community programmes of RTD in the context of the Third Framework Programme, 1990-1994, and other related programmes, is as follows: Third Framework Programme: - Information technology (ESPRIT 3): No calls for proposals are now current under this programme. The evaluation procedure for the second call (closing date 22.4.1993) has been completed and the first results published in RTD-News, RCN 1644 of 5.8.1993. - Communications technologies (RACE 2): The current call, published in Official Journal No C 149 of 29.6.1993 closes on 3.9.1993; . An MS-DOS software disk from the programme is available to facilitate the preparation of RACE proposals. It also provides a useful methodology for replying to calls from other RTD programmes; . Proposals are invited by DG XIII/B, in the context of RACE, for preparatory actions in Integrated Broadband Communications (TEN-IBC) to stimulate the emergence of high-speed transEuropean networks and services (OJ No C 200 of 24.7.1993) closing date 8.10.1993; . A call for proposals originating from DG XIII/B concerns accompanying measures and preparatory actions in the fields of pilot demonstrations of telework in decentralization of large organizations, networked telework centres, small business networking, and urban and interurban traffic decomposition (OJ No C 173 of 24.6.1993) closing date 3.9.1993; . A DG XIII/B call for accompanying measures and preparatory actions in the area of advanced communications developments (digital image transmission, regional initiatives related to RTD in advanced communications and telematics, and actions in Central and Eastern Europe) was published in OJ No C 214 of 7.8.1993 closing date 10.9.1993; . DG XIII/B also invites proposals, in the context of the specific action plan on the security of information systems, for feasibility studies followed by trials developing and carrying out a small number of pilot schemes for Trusted Third Party Services for Electronic Signature (OJ No C 198 of 22.7.1993) closing date 15.9.1993; . An open procedure call for tenders in the area of TransEuropean Telematic Networks (Spain) for the provision of pilot X.400 systems was published in OJ No C 205 on 29.7.1993; . DG XIII/A has issued an open invitation to tender for three studies in the domain of Open Network Provision (ONP) published in Official Journal OJ No C 196 of 20.7.1993 closing date 10.9.1993; . Feasibility studies concerning Euro-ISDN (in the context of the envisaged Community action TEN-ISDN) and EC-Japan ISDN (study in the domain of scientific and technical cooperation) are the subjects of DG XIII/A restricted procedure calls published respectively in OJ No C 205 of 29.7.1993 closing date 13.9.1993 (corrigendum OJ S 157 of 13.8.1993) and OJ No C 226 of 21.8.1993 closing date 16.9.1993. - Telematic systems in areas of general interest (comprising DRIVE 2, DELTA 2, AIM 2, ENS, ORA, LIBRARIES, LRE): .It is unlikely that Opportunities for Rural Areas (ORA) will issue a further call this year. No further calls are foreseen during 1993 in the fields of learning technologies (DELTA 2) and Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM). The first results of the latest DELTA and AIM calls are available in RTD-News; . A call under the DRIVE 2 programme of Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Safety in Europe (OJ No. C 166 of 17.6.1993) closed on 29 July 1993. The call, which invited proposals for the testing and validation of developments and results already emerging from ongoing transport telematics research, is expected to be the last call made in this area during 1993; . A LIBRARIES call for tenders for background studies in support of specific programme areas (OJ No C 173 of 24.6.1993) closes on 8.8.1993. The next (third) general call for proposals under the LIBRARIES programme is planned for November 1993. An advance notice concerning expansion awards for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in relation to this call appeared in Official Journal C 211 of 5.8.1993; . In the field of Linguistic Research and Engineering (LRE), it was expected that a third call would be issued at the beginning of 1994. However, a second call published in OJ No C 259 of 8.10.1992 (closing date 11.1.1993) was so successful that it is now very unlikely that any further general calls will be made; . An LRE call for tenders for the distribution, maintenance and support of the ALEP system (a portable tool kit for natural language processing research, training and applications prototyping) was published in OJ C 208 of 31.7.1993 with a closing date of 29.9.1993; . A further call was considered possible under ENS (European Nervous Systems). However, it is now unlikely that any call will be published during 1993. - Industrial and materials technologies (BRITE/EURAM 2): No further main call for proposals will be issued this year. - CRAFT (BRITE/EURAM 2): Applications may be made at any time for feasibility awards for SMEs. Applications for training schemes may also be made continuously with selection taking place in June and November. CRAFT Step 1 proposals are evaluated on a continuous basis. Step 2 proposals were evaluated in June 1993, with further evaluations to take place in September 1993 and January 1994. - Measurement and testing: No further calls are planned under the present phase of the programme. - Environment: The latest call for RTD proposals in the field of the environment closed on 18.7.1993 (Official Journal No C 139 of 18.5.1993). No further calls are planned for 1993. - Marine science and technology (MAST 2): A call for expressions of interest in biological research projects under MAST 2 (1990-1994) was published in Official Journal No S 114 of 15.6.1993 with a closing date of 2.9.1993. . A call for tenders for the management of ocean data and information was also published in the same Official Journal, closing date 8.9.1993; . A MAST 2 call for proposals concerning the assessment of possible risk likely to affect the marine environment in association with research, monitoring and surveying in marine sciences and technologies was published in OJ No C 203 of 27.7.1993. The original closing date for this call has been extended to 15.12.1993 following a corrigendum published in OJ No S 180 of 15.9.1993. - Biotechnology (BIOTECH): This programme's second call closed on 31.8.1993 (OJ No C 114 of 24.4.1993). Subsequently, a third call has been published in OJ No C 168 of 19.6.1993 closing date 15.12.1993. The third call was issued following the Council Decision providing a further budgetary appropriation for the Third Framework Programme. - Agriculture and agro-industrial research (AIR): A call is planned for September 15 with a deadline on 14.1.1994. Information packs will be available. - Biomedicine and Health Research (BIOMED): No further calls are considered likely in the near future. Applications may be made at any time for junior and senior training grants (6-18 months) and for short training periods (6-12 months). Selections for these grants are made twice a year. - Life Sciences and Technologies for Developing Countries (STD 3): A third call is now current, published in June 1993 (Official Journal No C 163 of 15.6.1993) with a deadline of 30.11.1993. - Non-Nuclear Energies (JOULE 2): The final call for 1993 closed on 25 June (OJ No C 119 of 29.4.1993). - Human capital and mobility: No further main calls are expected following that published in Official Journal OJ No C 139 of 2.6.1992 open on a continuous basis, with selection rounds taking place at regular intervals: . A call for proposals for research fellowships allocated via institutes (the last call under this activity) was published in OJ No C 225 of 20.8.1993 deadline 19.11.1993. A list of selected institutes having a number of places available for young researchers was published in OJ No C 225 of 20.8.1993. . Current open calls also exist in scientific and technical networks and in "Euroconferences"(OJ No C 175 of 26.6.1993). A further Euroconference selection may be scheduled for November 1993. - Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: The aims and structure of this programme are such that open calls for proposals are not normally issued. - Nuclear Fission Safety: No calls are foreseen, either within the area of Reactor Safety or of Radiation Protection. - VALUE 2: An open call exists under the VALUE programme (the Centralized Action for Dissemination and Exploitation of Knowledge resulting from the specific programmes of RTD in the Community) concerning the funding of projects to promote the results of Community RTD, published in Official Journal No C 230 of 8.9.1990. An open call is also current for awards to SMEs (OJ No C 173 of 9.7.1992); . A VALUE 2 call for tenders for the selection of organizations or individuals to undertake work relating to the research/scientific community and the research/society interfaces (Interfaces I and II respectively) was published in OJ No C 198 of 22.7.1993 closing on 29.10.1993. Other RTD-Related Programmes: - SPRINT: No further call for proposals has been announced for 1993 under the strategic programme for innovation and technology transfer (SPRINT 1, 1989-1993). - AVICENNE initiative (RTD cooperation with Maghreb and countries of the Mediterranean Basin). A call for proposals published in OJ No S 111 of 10.6.1993 closes on 15.9.1993. - THERMIE programme for the promotion of energy technology in Europe (1990-1994): A general THERMIE call was published in OJ no C 189 of 13.7.1993 closing on 1.12.1993; . A current call for proposals for a targeted project on hot-gas cleaning (HGC) was published in OJ No C 171 of 22.6.1993 closing on 4.10.1993; - FORCE: A call for proposals is current under the action programme for the development of continuing vocational training (FORCE, 1991-1994). Two dates are set for the reception of proposals; 9.9.1993 (Strand I applications) and 31.10.1993 (Strand II applications). - COMETT II (programme of cooperation between universities and industry regarding training in the field of technology, 1990-1994): A call for proposals will be published around mid-September, 1993, with a deadline expected on 18 December 1993). - Coordination of information on the environment (CORINE): A call for tenders was published in OJ No C 266 of 21.8.1993 for the provision of tools for data integration, management, analysis and modelling and application development for the maintenance and valorization of the CORINE database and results. The closing date for tenders is 5.10.1993. Various: - Steel pilot/demonstration projects: Applications for financial support during 1994 in the context of the ECSC programme of steel pilot and demonstration projects (OJ No C 252 of 6.10.1990) must be submitted before 1.10.1993. - Several invitations to tender for assessments of Community initiatives appear in OJ No C 214 of 7.8.1993. These concern the assessment of REGIS (aid to remote regions), STRIDE, TELEMATIQUE and PRISMA (integration of least developed regions), INTERREG and REGEN (cooperation and cross border networks), RESIDER, RENAVAL and RECHAR (diversification of industrial areas dependent on industries in crisis), ENVIREG (environmental protection), CSFs (Community Support Frameworks for Objective 1 regions), and IMPs (the Integrated Mediterranean Programmes). In each case, the final date for receipt of tenders is 24.9.1993. - Industrial affairs: A call for expressions of interest in order to constitute a file of potential contractors able to offer technical assistance to DG III in the field of industrial affairs (covering a range of topics and specific industrial activities) was published in OJ No C 206 of 30.7.1993. There is no closing date for expressions of interest. - Cohesion Fund. A call for expressions of interest concerning participation in the multiannual study and technical assistance programme to be carried out under the Cohesion Fund was launched in Official Journal No C 183 of 6.7.1993. Closing date 30.9.1993. - IDA: DG III (Industry) has called for proposals for the implementation of a pilot telecommunications project for the exchange of data between administrations of the Commission and of Member States (OJ C 188 of 10.7.1993). Closing date 10.9.1993. - STOA: The European Parliament's Directorate-General for Research has called for tenders, applications, and expressions of interest under the Scientific and Technical Options Assessment (STOA) programme (OJ No C 179 of 1.7.1993). Various closing dates. * Future calls for proposals within the Framework Programme shall be published in the Official Journal only four times a year on fixed dates. This is one of the decisions announced by Commissioner Ruberti's Office with the aim of increasing the efficiency of Community RTD programmes.

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