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Enhancing Research and innovAtion dimension of the University of Zilina in intelligent transport systems

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Zilina in Slovakia to become innovation hub for intelligent transport systems

High-level academic expertise is helping the University of Zilina (UNIZA) in Slovakia to become a regional leader in intelligent transport systems (ITSs).

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Zilina, one of the largest cities in Slovakia, represents an important industrial centre in its region, which borders the Czech Republic and Poland. The city's well-established academic institution, UNIZA has demonstrated its primacy in the transport sector, as well as in science and research. The EU-funded ERADIATE (Enhancing research and innovation dimension of the University of Zilina in intelligent transport systems) project is further reinforcing the research potential of UNIZA in the field of ITSs. To achieve its aims, the project is enhancing human resources and improving utilisation of research infrastructures, in addition to taking action that will strengthen the University's competitiveness within the European Research Area (ERA). ERADIATE is also looking at creating a specialised research and innovation hub out of the University through better synergy between cohesion funds and research funding. Focus will be on addressing transportation issues and solving environmental challenges through ITSs. With respect to human resources, the project oversaw the selection and secondment of an experienced scientist and manager to lead the team at UNIZA. The same individual was also hired for the position of ERA Chair Holder. This falls in line with the project's objective of securing the number of high-grade researchers and fostering a competitive environment, and at the same time facilitating funding and contributing to jobs and growth. Ultimately, this is expected to raise awareness about ITSs research initiatives at UNIZA within the University's ERA, helping it to become the ITSs research and innovation leader in central Europe. This bodes well not only in terms of creating better transport solutions but also for improving jobs and growth in the greater Zilina region.


Transport, intelligent transport systems, research and innovation, European Research Area

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