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Strengthening the impact of fisheries related research through dissemination, communication and technology transfer

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Targeted communication and dissemination actions for pressing fishery issues

Information on current scientific research outcomes, accumulated knowledge and their effects on fisheries does not reach intended audiences or is not communicated properly. An EU initiative helped to break down barriers.

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A broad range of stakeholders, from marine scientists to policymakers, lack coordinated actions and constructive dialogue to identify key fisheries issues and challenges, and provide feedback to relevant policy- and decision-making bodies. To address the issue, the EU-funded COMFISH (Strengthening the impact of fisheries related research through dissemination, communication and technology transfer) project set out to facilitate the identification of fishery challenges and solutions. To do so, it implemented several integrated actions in five European fishery regions: the Atlantic, Baltic, Black, Mediterranean and North seas. COMFISH organised five regional participatory stakeholder meetings in Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain that attracted over 100 key stakeholders. The aim was to clarify viewpoints, determine communication challenges and potential solutions at regional level, and compare and prioritise challenges at EU level. Event outcomes were widely disseminated to relevant actors unable to benefit from the meetings and EU citizens, namely consumers and youth. Targeted communication activities involved a series of information packages on fishery issues, a best practice manual to enhance project impact and vision for marine ecosystems protection and sustainable marine resources exploitation. Reports from the five regions focusing on challenges, possible solutions and recommended actions were also produced. To facilitate network building and transnational cooperation, a partnering event was held with over 100 participants. By identifying common challenges and recommending actions, COMFISH boosted the visibility of fishery-related issues across Europe and laid the groundwork for collective action going forward. This should help in the development of a sustainable and economically viable European fisheries industry.


Fishery issues, fisheries, COMFISH, fisheries related research

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