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Minerals Intelligence Network for Europe

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EU-wide network to boost knowledge and expertise in minerals

To secure reliable and unhindered access to raw materials, the EU has undertaken this to ensure a sustainable supply of these materials. An EU initiative supported these efforts by creating a dedicated network to facilitate access to relevant information and promote collaboration among experts.

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In 2008, the EC adopted the Raw Materials Initiative (RMI) which lays down a strategy to confront the challenge of raw material access in the EU. The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) is a strategic initiative that implements the RMI stakeholder platform, bringing together Member States, industry, academia and non-governmental organisations to promote innovation in the raw materials sector. To contribute to both the RMI and EIP RM, the EU-funded MINERALS4EU (Minerals intelligence network for Europe) project set up a network that provides data, information and knowledge on mineral resources across Europe. Project partners initially established a network made up of European minerals data providers and stakeholders, and took steps to ensure its sustainability. As a permanent body or service, the network will be regularly enhanced and updated. It will also continue to provide information and knowledge on European mineral resources to the EC and key actors. The MINERALS4EU team set up a web-based knowledge data platform that provides free access to all available and new data related to primary and secondary mineral resources. It produced an interactive minerals yearbook that covers statistics on about 40 European countries concerning primary and secondary resource data from continental and offshore extraction sites in Europe. Lastly, researchers delivered a foresight study on the supply and demand of mineral raw materials in the EU. These studies will support policymakers in ensuring adequate access to raw materials. Following the huge success of the project, the “Minerals Intelligence Infrastructure for Europe” has been legally registered under the form of a Foundation on Friday 4th March 2016. The non-profit Minerals4EU Foundation overall scope is to provide a one-stop-shop to official and verified data, information and knowledge on mineral resources, and to act as a contact point through which stakeholders can easily and transparently access its products and expertise. By creating a leading mineral information network, MINERALS4EU will help Europe to achieve sustainable minerals development and competitive growth.


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