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The Promise and Limits of International Courts and Tribunals – Exploring the Conditions for Effective International Adjudication

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The role and functioning of international courts and tribunals

An EU-funded project examined the functioning of international courts and tribunals.

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SHANYEFFECTIVECOURTS (The promise and limits of international courts and tribunals – Exploring the conditions for effective international adjudication) studied the effectiveness of international adjudication. The project led to the development of a new analytical framework for the performance of international courts. In turn, this emphasised the overall degree to which the courts fulfil the expectations of key constituencies that created them and facilitated their existence. Researchers developed a model with both theoretical and practical significance, allowing a better understanding of international adjudication and the relations between international courts and politics. This permitted the assessment of the effectiveness of specific international courts, such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights. These assessments can facilitate reforms in the operation of international courts and influence the design of future judicial institutions.


International Courts, tribunals, SHANYEFFECTIVECOURTS, international adjudication

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