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Set-up a EURAXESS Services Network in Moldova

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Moldova’s EURAXESS Network gives researchers a career boost

An EU initiative helped to officially launch a EURAXESS Service Network throughout Moldova, a valuable resource for foreign researchers in search of jobs, funding and advice.


With EU funding, the MONETAXESS (Set-up a EURAXESS Services Network in Moldova) project paved the way for a EURAXESS National Network in Moldova. It serves as a single access point to information, including a network of walk-in service centres that offer personalised assistance to researchers who wish to relocate to the country. In all, two service centres (SCs) and 25 local contact points (LoCPs) have been established to provide access to a complete range of information and support services. The aim is to assist European and Moldovan scientists in advancing their careers, offer access to the research and development job market in the EU and Moldova, and to support Moldovan scientific organisations in recruiting outstanding research talents abroad by facilitating mobility. The SCs and LoCPs connect researchers and entrepreneurs, allowing universities and businesses to find ideal candidates. A national bridgehead organisation was also set up to coordinate the SCs. A national portal for the EURAXESS Services Network went live in 2014 to provide practical and relevant information to foreign researchers planning their scientific research in Moldova. The portal offers helpful information about researchers' professional and daily lives, vacancies and financing opportunities. An online help desk is also available via the site. It has since been revamped to include several tools and services to facilitate the creation of long-term collaboration between EURAXESS service providers and beneficiaries. Project partners also delivered a guide for foreign researchers relocating to Moldova, assessed the needs of local SMEs and industry in EURAXESS services, identified four groups of relevant stakeholders and developed targeted training materials for each. To promote EURAXESS services, various events and outreach activities were organised throughout the coy. By supporting researcher mobility and career development while enhancing scientific collaboration, MONETAXESS is helping to deliver information and support services to professional researchers in Moldova.



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