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Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions

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Research and development clusters tackle internet security together

A network of business clusters across Europe has come together to investigate and further internet and wireless security.

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The explosion in wireless-based devices, fuelled by the internet of things, is increasingly involving confidential information and private communication. This requires above all secure data transmission that is immune to cyberattacks, espionage of any sort and malicious activity in general. The EU-funded project BE WISER (Building enterprises – Wireless and internet security in European regions) sought to improve cyber security and wireless internet security in seven key European research, trade and development (RTD) regions. It identified ways to overcome technical research challenges in collaboration with these regions to radically advance internet and wireless security. The project team brought together clusters that can work in synergy based on their complementary fields of expertise. It also aimed at providing support to the clusters in mentoring each other on RTD. This was achieved by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the regions. The team conferred with researchers, businesses and policymakers to develop a joint action plan and strategies for further business opportunities and enhanced business. One of the project's key outputs is Be Wiser Connect, a matchmaking tool on the internet that features 70 European information and communication technologies firms. It offers a section on latest trends in the industry as well as a plethora of reports that can help boost internet and wireless security. In parallel, the Be Wiser online platform informs businesses on forthcoming events in the industry. New market opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, better collaboration, inter-clustering, enhanced competitiveness and better integration within EU Framework Programmes are expected to emerge from this new collaboration. BE WISER outcomes will no doubt enhance Europe's leading position in wireless rollout and anticipate challenges that have been outlined in the EU's Digital Agenda.


Internet security, wireless security, BE WISER, RTD, Digital Agenda, S3, clusters, ECCP

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