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ROlling resistance, Skid resistance, ANd Noise Emission measurement standards for road surfaces

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New common European standards proposed for safer, cleaner and greener roads

An EU initiative delivered solutions to improve standards for common European measurement methods for important road surface parameters.

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Research shows that controlling skid resistance, noise emission and rolling resistance of pavements can make road transport safer and more environmentally friendly. Creating and harmonising the assessment of these three key road infrastructure parameters will reduce cross-border barriers and contribute to the reduction of accidents, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Building on the recommendations of its predecessor TYROSAFE, the EU-funded ROSANNE (Rolling resistance, skid resistance, and noise emission measurement standards for road surfaces) project aimed at developing measurement approaches for skid resistance, noise emission and rolling resistance of road pavements in order to prepare for the harmonisation of European standards. Project partners extensively examined the three parameters and texture to propose reliable measurement methods. After a comprehensive review of existing road-based measurement methods and devices, a series of draft documents was produced as a basis for the standardisation process. Findings from studies on the link between the three parameters and texture influence, reference tyres and reference surfaces were fed into the documents. Outcomes will be used by key standardisation working groups at EU and international levels to augment established standardisation processes. They can also serve as a basis for future standards. Project results were widely disseminated to relevant stakeholders, including the scientific community, policymakers, the road industry and administrations. By relying on common assessment methods, ROSANNE will enable the creation of products and services that bring about considerable cost reductions for road authorities and industries across Europe. It will also contribute to realising a greener, smarter, healthier and more resilient European transport network. Ultimately, harmonised standards should facilitate and foster the extension of EU transport and infrastructure policy to EU neighbouring countries, while delivering improved infrastructure connections and closer market integration.


Road surface, skid resistance, noise emission, rolling resistance, ROSANNE

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