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A DEcision Support Tool for Reconstruction and recovery and for the IntEroperability of international Relief units in case Of complex crises situations, including CBRN contamination risks

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Next-generation tool to improve decision-making during complex, large-scale crises

An EU initiative developed an advanced decision-support tool for reconstruction and recovery when natural or man-made disasters strike, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) contamination.

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Reconstruction and recovery operations take longer, cost more and are becoming increasingly more complex than ever before. CBRN contamination can extend the recovery period by up to 20 years in some cases. Although significant efforts have been made by international organisations to coordinate stakeholders in early-recovery management stages, no supporting software tool is available. What is more, important gaps remain in optimising coordination at the operational level. The EU-funded DESTRIERO (A decision support tool for reconstruction and recovery and for the interoperability of international relief units in case of complex crises situations, including CBRN contamination risks) project introduced a decision-support solution that facilitates effective collaboration among several organisations in assessment and recovery. Specifically, project partners developed a post-crisis needs assessment (PDNA) tool that supports continuous damage and contamination assessment, monitoring and updates. This is achieved through satellite data and aerial photos that are supplemented with data from the field. The platform enables relief organisations and their information systems to share data for several processes. Connected users can actively participate in PDNA and reconstruction and recovery planning (RRP) for reconstruction and recovery. Simple and intuitive interfaces share data with links to needs assessments and recovery planning information. A network serves as a centralised management information system in a single location that provides services allowing connected systems to collaborate in order to participate in PDNA and RRP procedures. The DESTRIERO tool was successfully demonstrated and validated using CBRN contamination, large-scale flood and earthquake scenarios. DESTRIERO provided a comprehensive solution for the recovery phase of a crisis management cycle. It offers innovative, state-of-the-art functionalities for continuous PDNA, communication, information sharing and coordination among stakeholders, as well as decision-making to prioritise reconstruction efforts.


Decision support tool, CBRN contamination, DESTRIERO, reconstruction and recovery, post-crisis needs assessment

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