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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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PhytoSARM Based Anti-Sarcopenia Formulations: SARM-Like Herbal Compounds With Highly Selective Multi-Faceted Myotrophic Features

Senile Sarcopenia, or with Layman's Terms Age Related Muscle Loss, is an inevitable condition that all humans will experience at some point regardless of their physical activeness or other healthy lifestyle habits. Among all contributive factors including the gradual loss of neuronal regeneration and reduction of anabolic hormones, the decrease of testosterone and DHT seems to be playing the major role as these two androgens also positively contribute to neuronal function and IGF mRNA Levels.

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COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING GERIATRIC CACHEXIA Technical Field The invention relates to a composition formed for the prevention of geriatric cachexia. State of the Art The weakness resulting from old age may be classified by reduction of the anaerobic capacity (muscle strength) as well as deconditioning and the structural deteriorations in the body structure. Reduction in the muscle strength and the lifting force, loss of elasticity and strength from the muscle tissues and connective tissues, decrease in bone density and bone organic density, reduction in the continuity of physical power and in the lung capacity, weakening of the cardiac muscle and the reduction of the oxygen use efficiency, circulatory disorders and cardiovascular insufficiencies resulting from the weakening of the cardiac muscle, urinal and fecal incontinence caused by the loss of neuromuscular efficiency, inability to completely recover following the fractures and the condition of being unable to live without support may be listed as the examples of geriatric cachexia. Procholinergic drugs, hormone therapy and exercise may be mentioned as examples of the currently existing treatments for this condition. Centrophenoxine (meclofenoxate) treatment provides increase in the muscle strength and condition improvement in the eldery and partially regulates some endocrinal parameters. The growth hormone and anabolic steroid supplement yield quite good results at low doses, but they may cause various symptoms from prostate enlargement to prostate cancer, from colon cancer to heart attack, from diabetes to acromegaly in case of overdose or of failure to monitor the tolerance. The invention no. JP19990106996 entitled “Novel ligands of PPAR nuclear receptors” relates to the ligands of nuclear receptors PPAR's (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) which are compounds selected from the group consisting of ascofuranone; and ascofuranone homologs and ascochlorin homologs having at least one orcyl aldehyde moiety wherein the hydrogen atom(s) of the hydroxyl group(s) at the 2-position and/or the 4-position of the orcyl aldehyde moiety is/are substituted by C1-15 alkyl, C1-15 alkenyl, CH2-COOH, CH2COO(C1-15)alkyl, C(=”O”)(C1-15)alkyl, C(=”O”)(CH2)1-15COOH, nicotinoyl or isonicotinoyl, etc. These ligands are useful in treating and/or preventing diabetes; hypertension or cerebrovascular disorders; arteriosclerosis; diabetes complications; chronic inflammation; cachexia; digestive system cancers, etc. As a result, the presence of the need for a composition formed for preventing geriatric cachexia and the inadequacy of the existing solutions have made it necessary to perform an improvement in the relevant art. Objective of the Invention In order to eliminate the disadvantages of the state of the art, an objective of the invention is both to stimulate the release of the natural growth hormone and exhibit neurotrophic action on the neuromuscular junction. Another objective of the invention is to promote the increase of the number of the muscle cells, the repair of the connective tissue and the increase of the muscle strength. Another objective of the invention is to strengthen the cardiac muscle and increase the ability of contraction. Another objective of the invention is to provide the blood pressure-reducing and blood sugar-reducing effect by increasing the expression of nitric oxide synthase. Another objective of the invention is to exhibit both myotropic (muscle mass-increasing) and contraction force-increasing action like testosterone and DHT. Another objective of the invention is to exhibit the ability to treat the receptor reduction caused by synthetic testosterone derivatives. Still another objective of the invention is to provide support for the activities that require long time effort, by stabilizing the blood sugar. Another objective of the invention is to increase the nervous system efficiency and provide active increase in the reflexes. END OF PART 1