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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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Smart City of Umeå shares videos and insights on sustainable solutions

The City of Umeå is a Smart City Lighthouse in the EU-funded RUGGEDISED project and has worked to implement smart – and sustainable – solutions for the past three years. Now, the city shares 11 videos detailing that work as well as a comprehensive implementation report for smart city experts.

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The City of Umeå joined the EU-funded project RUGGEDISED in 2016 in order to implement smart city solutions benefiting citizens and allowing the city to achieve its high ambitions for growth while contributing to the fight against climate change. “We have to try new solutions, that will work in the future as well. We are up against a big change in the climate so as a city, we have to also participate in the development and try to stop it in some way,” says Carina Aschan, RUGGEDISED project manager in a new video explaining Umeå’s work in the project. What are the innovative solutions being developed in the smart district of Umeå – the so-called smart University District? With 11 short films linked to physical signs, visualisations and explanations of what has been done in the University district within the framework of the European project RUGGEDISED, Umeå is ready to share its work with the world. The first video in a series of 11 short videos entitled “Small steps for mankind” describing solutions, also detailed in the City’s Implementation report from the RUGGEDISED Project, has been released. The videos begin with a brief intro to the University District as a national and international role model in reducing the climate footprint of urban areas. The University District is a pioneering area of Umeå where new solutions are being tested to meet the need to reduce the city’s CO₂ emissions. The videos are available with English subtitles and detail the work by the people who have worked with the implementation of the innovative solutions with an approach meant to engage the citizens. The introductory video “Step # 1” provides a comprehensive overview and includes RUGGEDISED partners from both the energy company Umeå Energi and Umeå University. The videos are connected to 11 physical signs in Umeå and residents can find the movies through QR-codes on those signs. Citizens can also find all the information on a touch-screen centrally located at an info-centre at Umeå University. The movies will be released over the coming weeks and shared on Umeå’s City page on RUGGEDISED.EU/cities/umeaa The full implementation report – to learn from Umeå’s work – is available on the same website. The release dates are as follows: February 27 - STEP # 1 March 5 - STEP #2 - #4 March 12 - STEP #5 - #7 March 19 - STEP #8 - #11 April 15 - Physical signs on site


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