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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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CNR-NANO (Q-SORT Coordinator) and the Scuola Normale Superiore, by way of the NEST Laboratory, to donate their PPE to support the COVID-19 emergency

Protective equipment donation to support the COVID-19 emergency.

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In a joint action, the CNR Nanoscience Institute (Q-SORT Coordinator) and the Scuola Normale Superiore, by way of the NEST Laboratory, have decided to donate their "personal protective equipment" (PPE) to support the COVID-19 health emergency. The donation was made to the Gabriele Monasterio Foundation, which will send the material to the hospitals in Pisa, the CNR Research Area, Massa (Ospedale del Cuore "G. Pasquinucci"), and other hospitals in the Tuscany region. The donated material comprises a series of devices to protect healthcare workers and patients such as masks, gloves, overshoes and disposable coveralls. The researchers who work in the NEST laboratories operate with nanometric dimensions materials (a size similar to that of the virus) and in their clean room they use personal protective equipment during some delicate phases of the nanofabrication processes. These pieces of PPE are the same ones that can allow healthcare professionals who have to treat COVID-19 patients to protect themselves in the most comfortable possible working conditions. The donated material includes 600 FFP3 masks, 1,900 coveralls, 86,000 gloves, 20 safety goggles, 20 face shields, 10,000 shoe covers and 10,000 protective caps. See: Contact point: Maddalena Scandola CNR - Istituto Nanoscienze