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Finalisation of the SOLPART project

The H2020-funded project SOLPART (High temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrials Production of Reactive Particulates) came to an end in December 2019 after 4 years of collaborative research.


SOLPART is a EU-funded project which stands for “High temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrials Production of Reactive Particulates”. The project’s main objective is to develop - at a pilot scale - a high temperature (800-1000°C) continuous solar process suitable for particle treatment in energy intensive industries, such as lime or cement which are some of the biggest CO2 emitters in the world. Such a technology could substitute fossil fuels with solar heat by 60 to 100% and cutting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by mineral industries by 40-60%. After 4 years of collaborative research between 10 partners from 7 countries, SOLPART came to an end in December 2019. On this occasion, the SOLPART team organised a public Final Info Day on 28 and 29 November 2019 in Toulouse and Font-Romeu, France in order to promote not only the results of the project, but also the challenge and impact of Concentrated Solar Technologies for Particle Processing. This two-day event was organised according to two different activities to present the whole spectrum of this Horizon 2020 project: - on Thursday 28 November 2019: Conference sessions on CSP and SOLPART (Toulouse, ENSACIET, France) - on Friday 29 November 2019: Site visits of SOLPART Solar Facilities (CNRS-PROMES, Font-Romeu-Odeillo, France). You can download all the presentations of the Info Day on the SOLPART Website: Moreover, the consortium also published the final brochure of the project, which gathers all key elements about this innovative project: objectives, results, impacts, key milestones and achievements. Available for download here: You can also consult the Press pack that was produced for the media for the Final Info Day:


CST, CSP, Concentrated Solar Power, Industrial Processes, Calcination, Solar Heat, Solar Energy, cement