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RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energy and community solutions: How much do you know about renewable energy communities?

Renewable energy communities are going to be a reality in Europe soon, pushed by the recent Clean Energy Directive approved in late 2019. The EU Commission is showing an increasing commitment in the energy transition. The RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energies and community-based solutions assesses European citizens’ awareness and expectations concerning LECs and RECs.


The directive “Clean energy for all Europeans” obliges Member States to ensure a more competitive, customer-centred, flexible and non-discriminatory EU electricity market with market-based supply prices. It strengthens existing customer rights, introduces new ones and provides a framework for energy communities of prosumers. In the context of renewable energies, a prosumer is someone that both consumes and produces energy, mainly based on distributed systems installed in households or within minigrid community networks. The “RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energies and community-based solutions” is contributing to promote the shift from technology-driven to consumer-driven approaches. To this aim, the survey assesses the social aspects influencing the acceptance of renewables, including local energy generation technologies. Generally speaking, social or public acceptance is defined as a positive attitude towards a technology or measure, which hopefully leads to supporting behaviour. Moreover, the survey promotes the awareness on renewable energy generation systems and on regulatory measures activated in the European Union to facilitate the energy transition. We strongly believe stakeholder engagement is truly efficient only if bottom-up flow of information is ensured, since it shortens the distance among the expert community and citizens, encouraging co-creation through the exchange of knowledge, needs and ambitions. Read the full article on the RENAISSANCE project website, where different versions of the survey are available in English, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish: To support European research, share on social media ... and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, 2nd edition coming soon! LinkedIn: Twitter:


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