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Join the Survey for the BioMonitor Toolbox!

The BioMonitor project is setting up its monitoring and assessment framework for the European bioeconomy. To meet the needs of its users, the consortium is asking for your help by participating in a survey.

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Information on the development of the European bioeconomy is lagging. This will create a problem as stakeholders – policy makers, bio-based industries, and others – go blind, and take decisions that are not based on actual evidence. The BioMonitor project will address this by creating a sustainable and robust data platform to monitor the development of the EU bioeconomy and a toolbox to assess its future development. The projects invites you to help and ensure that the BioMonitor toolbox meet your needs. This will be done in the form of a survey. In it, you will find various features of the BioMonitor Toolbox. We will then ask you to indicate how important these features are for your organisation. Take this survey and help us provide you the instrument that can help you understand the future development of the bioeconomy and foster its growth.


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