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ERIC Forum’s New Corporate Brochure

The ERIC Forum is pleased to announce the release of its new corporate brochure “European Research Infrastructure Consortia - ERICs: Enabling excellent science in service of society”.

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The brochure aims to introduce the general public to the ERIC community, its activities and scope. It is also targeted towards various other stakeholders of the ERIC Forum, such as policy makers, European Research Infrastructures, Research communities in academia and industry, and more. Through different sections, the brochure answers the following questions: - What is a Research Infrastructure? - What is an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium)? - What is the ERIC landscape (by European Commission Implementing Decision, and by ESFRI cluster)? - Which Research Infrastructures are in the pipeline to becoming ERICs? - Which ERIC is in which EOSC cluster project? - What is the ERIC Forum? - What is the role of ERICs in the European Research Area? It is followed by an introduction of each ERIC, organized by ESFRI cluster. Should you have any question about the brochure, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ► Download the brochure here:

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