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New Regulation-Based Classification System for Marine Protected Areas

In 2019, BiodivERsA released its second animated video presenting the results of the BUFFER research project! The project was funded under the 2011-12 BiodivERsA joint call on “Biodiversity Dynamics: Developing scenarios, identifying tipping points and improving resilience”.

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The BUFFER project has been awarded the opportunity to present their work in an animated video as part of the BiodivERsA Prize for Excellence and Impact. This prize acknowledges the excellent, pioneering research performed in BUFFER. The project developed a new Regulation-Based Classification System for Marine Protected Areas. This system was already adopted by major international organisations as well as local management authorities. Watch the video: More information: BiodivERsA website:


Marine Protected Areas, BiodivERsA, BUFFER project, Biodiversity dynamics, Resilience