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TETRAMAX: the highway from research to innovation

TETRAMAX, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action, attracted more than 250 technology transfer experiment proposals in 11 EU-wide calls since 2017. The funding for the experiments help SMEs to bring smart solutions to the market. The 45 selected experiments received between €25k and €100k each. So far, they created a stunning 10x return on investment of 73 new jobs, a revenue increase of close to €4M and almost €24M of venture capital raised.

Industrial Technologies

Rainer Leupers, Project Coordinator of TETRAMAX, expressed his high expectations for the granted technology transfer experiments (TTX): "The TTX programme provides a unique and well-structured highway from research to innovation. Our clients are incentivized by fast access to funding and low-risk technology testbeds. The first pan-European cooperation success stories are truly impressive, and I'm sure many more are yet to come. I'm also particular [sic] delighted about the high response rate from the new EU member states to our open calls." TETRAMAX boosts technology transfer and innovation all over Europe The TETRAMAX project has a unique way of stimulating European cooperation by calling for cross-border technology transfer experiments in the domain of customized low-energy computing. In its first three years, it has received more than 250 proposals, of which 45 were granted. A first survey among the grantees revealed that the received funding has accelerated the technology transfer process considerably, and that it helped in attracting new venture capital and new technologies, in creating new jobs and in increasing revenue. One of the venture capital success stories is ReMoni ApS, a small SME partner in the CLEC-Submetering experiment - a collaboration between the intelligent energy management system by Bettergy and the Remoni clamp-on sensors to efficiently monitor the energy consumption of industrial processes. This innovative idea caught the attention of Kenneth Iversen, the businessman behind Kyocera Unimerco, who invested more than €2.5m in ReMoni. The TETRAMAX funding resulted in 10 new start-ups so far, one of which was acquired by Google. Another three experiments have stated that new products are about to reach the market. The TETRAMAX entrepreneurial track helped innovators to improve their business plans and to make them investor ready. One of these entrepreneurial funded experiments was "BLEeper", an outdoor location tracking solution for the continuous surveillance of shoreline areas. BLEeper utilizes low-cost solar-powered water-proof Bluetooth beacons across geo-fenced shoreline areas and on coastal water buoys, in order to deliver high-accuracy location tracking for persons equipped with any type of low-cost Bluetooth wearable (e.g. wristbands, life-vests). More about our funded application experiments: About TETRAMAX TETRAMAX is the number one innovation hub for digitizing European industries in the domain of customized and low-energy computing. Our mission is to boost innovation for SMEs in search of leading-edge digital technologies and solutions. We provide: EU-wide local help desks with individual digitization consulting, low-risk technology innovation testbeds for SMEs, cross-border hardware/software ICT supply and demand brokerage, funding up to €100k for tech transfer experiments via open calls.