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17 EU organisations are working together to maximize the recovery of substances from organic waste generated in cities

VALUEWASTE is an ambitious 4-year project aimed at maximizing the recovery of substances from organic waste generated in cities and municipalities. Currently, 17 partners are working to develop three value chains that can be integrated into the current waste management systems following a cascading approach.

Climate Change and Environment

VALUEWASTE is a European initiative coordinated by CETENMA (Centro Tecnológico de la Energía y Medio Ambiente, Murcia) that counts 17 partners in total. The project is developing two different routes for protein production (as well as other valuable compounds susceptible to be used as feed and food ingredients) and one combining system for nutrients recovery (P and N). Altogether, VALUEWASTE proposes an integrated approach in urban biowaste upcycling for the production of high-value bio-based products, developing the first complete solution to fully valorise biowaste that can be replicated across Europe. VALUEWASTE is being developed at two different European locations, Murcia (ES) and Kalundborg (DK) with the purpose of finding a solution both technical and socially adapted to the different socio-economic contexts existing across Europe. In order to achieve that goal, social initiatives (active communication campaigns) are being implemented to increase consumer awareness and acceptance of urban biowaste-derived products. Outcomes of the project will contribute to market acceptance of biowaste-derived products and to new standardisation as it will be useful information for EU policymakers in terms of urban biowaste management and in the adoption of new policies.


Biowaste, biobased, waste management, h2020, circular economy, bioeconomy