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A new paradigm for engagement and production with consumers, makers, and manufacturers

Join the iPRODUCE project’s online event – The Social Manufacturing Paradigm: co-creating with manufacturers, makerspaces, and consumers – next 26 November 2020 where we will discuss the role of these actors in the social manufacturing process, the current state of play, key challenges, and how iPRODUCE, the POP-MACHINA and OPEN!NEXT projects, and researchers David Cuartielles and César García are looking to make an impact in this area.

Industrial Technologies

In recent years, every day citizens have had an increasing amount of opportunities to actively participate, contribute and decide in different areas and contexts. Although these opportunities are still emerging, the manufacturing industry is no exception to this framework. The objective of iPRODUCE’s online event – The social manufacturing paradigm: co-creating with manufacturers, maker spaces and consumers – is to highlight the role of consumers and makers in the social manufacturing landscape, which promotes the participation among individuals and the industry in the production of consumer goods. This framework will be addressed based on the activities and findings from the iPRODUCE project, along with reflections from two other H2020 projects – POP-MACHINA and OPEN!NEXT – and the experience of guest keynote speakers David Cuartielles and César García, both with many years of experience in bringing technologies to the social landscape. The half-day event will start with an introduction to the iPRODUCE project, an overview of the objectives, the project’s main activities and what it aims to deliver. Following this introduction, an in-depth review of the foundations for a social manufacturing platform will be presented, focusing on challenges and requirements identified with key stakeholders, good practices to consider for such a platform, and the work the project is implementing to drive this platform forward. The event will welcome two keynote speakers with established names in the maker scene: David Cuartielles (Arduino Verkstad / BCMI Labs AB; Malmö University) and César García (La Hora Maker; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). The speakers will dive into aspects of governance, technologies and practices in regard to co-design and co-creation processes. The event will include interventions from two H2020 projects iPRODUCE collaborates with: POP-MACHINA and OPEN!NEXT. POP-MACHINA aims to reinforce the links between the maker movement and circular economy to promote environmental sustainability and generate socio-economic benefits in European cities. OPEN!NEXT seeks to empower companies and consumers to co-design and co-manufacture products based on new mindsets, new business models, and new collaborative software solutions. Both projects will address their ongoing activities and how they are addressing social manufacturing with their specific contexts. Participant engagement in the event is fully welcome. The event will conclude with a virtual roundtable where our panel will be invited to discuss selected key topics and will be open to answer questions from the audience. iPRODUCE’s ‘The social manufacturing paradigm: co-creating with manufacturers, makerspaces and consumers’ event is next 26 November 2020 (9h30-13h00 CET). Join the manufacturing of our social online event. Register now, free. Agenda: 09h30 | Virtual hello and welcome 09h45 | Introduction of iPRODUCE 10h00 | The social manufacturing paradigm: the foundations for a social manufacturing platform [Presentations from the iPRODUCE project addressing the state of play, requirements and challenges faced by the industry and actors] 10h30 | Keynote – David Cuartielles (Arduino Verkstad / BCMI Labs AB; Malmö University) 11h00 | Break 11h15 | Keynote – César García (La Hora Maker; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) 11h45 | Presentations from iPRODUCE collaborations [The H2020 projects POP-MACHINA and OPEN!NEXT and their contributions to social manufacturing] 12h15 | Virtual round table 12h45 | Wrap up and end of event *** iPRODUCE is a 36-month project for the development of a novel social manufacturing platform to enable multi-stakeholder interaction and collaboration to support user-driven open-innovation and co-creation. The iPRODUCE project receives funding from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme with Grant Agreement no. 870037. The European Commission has no responsibility for the contents of this press release.


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