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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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CURSOR project official video released. Learn more about the Search and Rescue Kit to rescue victims trapped under debris

The official video of the CURSOR project ( is out- CURSOR will develop a CURSOR Search and Rescue Kit using drones, miniaturised robotic equipment, and advanced sensors reducing time for detection and rescue of victims trapped under debris while increasing the personal safety of the SaR (Search and Rescue) teams.

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The CURSOR SaR Kit will deliver three fundamental improvements for search and rescue operations compared to already existing situations. It will reduce time needed for victim detection trapped in damaged buildings or under debris, increase localisation accuracy of those detected in such complex and dangerous environments, and enhance reliability of detection and localisation information reaching the USaR crews operating in one or more worksites of urban areas, while reducing the time to create multi-sourced data fusion based operational picture improving the situational awareness The project will generate the innovative CURSOR Search and Rescue Kit, which will include Soft Miniaturised Underground Robotic Finders (SMURFs) and different types of drones. The SMURFs are equipped with chemical sensors that allow to detect a wide range of chemical substances indicating human presence. They are carried from the operations headquarters to the disaster site by a transport drone. On site, the robots work independently in clusters searching for survivors. Additionally, the Mothership drone acts as an aerial hub that produces high-definition imaging for accurate visualisation of the disaster zone and allows communication with the control centre. CURSOR SaR Kit will be designed in an open architecture approach allowing the integration of existing tools and technologies used by SaR teams today or developed by other research projects. The different components and platforms of the CURSOR SaR Kit follow the logic and sequence of standard USaR operational procedures. The figure below depicts the different components of the system, by clicking on the images you may read detailed explanation about the components and its role in the CURSOR SaR Kit. CURSOR project website: