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Cultural-E first-year results

Cultural-E is an EU-funded project running from October 2019 until September 2024. The project’s goal is to go a step beyond Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) towards the future of Plus Energy Buildings (PEBs). The team is approaching this topic by looking at climate and cultural differences in the use of residential buildings around Europe. By the end of the five years the project will have built four new Plus Energy Buildings in France, Germany, Italy and Norway.

Climate Change and Environment
Industrial Technologies

Research applied to the construction sector is more and more demanding nowadays in terms of energy efficiency, carbon emissions, sustainable resource use, life-cycle management, and indoor environmental comfort. Climatic factors, such as local temperature, weather conditions, sun orientation and relation with the surroundings, are integral parts of the design process because, inevitably, they influence the daily habits and how we consume energy. Studies have shown that a Norwegian uses a different amount of energy for cooking than a French, and an Italian heats his/her house in a different way than a German. The first-year activities mainly focused on understanding climate, cultural and policy peculiarities related to the building sector, that influence building design and energy use of EU residential buildings. Furthermore, the Covid-19 outbreak has raised the bar by increasing energy consumption in the residential sector as restrictions prompted massive home working and e-learning. In this context, the development of solutions for plus energy multifamily buildings is paramount to achieve the targeted reduction of energy consumption. For this reason, the international consortium behind the Cultural-E project has been working hard on the first results to deliver Climate and cultural-based solutions for Plus Energy Buildings. First results of these activities have been reported in two articles, currently available at this link: The Cultural-E team also conducted a survey to identify the decision-making issues and performance indicators that are meaningful to designers and stakeholders in the design phase of Plus Energy Buildings. You can read the survey results here: The demonstration building design has started supported by Cultural-E advisors. They have provided input to the design process through advanced energy simulations. In addition, they are tailoring technologies and solution sets, in close coordination with local designers and based on the buildings owners’ needs. Key technologies are being developed considering demonstration case requirements, as well as their optimal integration with the planned building systems. Full scale laboratory tests are scheduled in the next year to validate their performance and test control strategies. In the Cultural-E website and social media, you can find all information about the project progress and results. In addition, the project partners are periodically publishing interesting news about smart technologies and interviews with experts and stakeholders’ opinions on specific topics related to plus energy buildings. Follow our social media and visit our website for more information.