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NAIMA Project has launched its presentation video

NAIMA’s presentation video has been created to acknowledge all the benefits for society that are related to the project.

Climate Change and Environment

NAIMA Project (Na-Ion materials as essential components to manufacture robust battery cells for non-automotive applications) has launched its newest presentation video, an audiovisual work that communicates the main objectives of the initiative backed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme with a graphic design revolving around energy. The video, which is available to watch in the Home of the website or the YouTube channel, has been created to acknowledge all the benefits for society that are related to the project, such as the development of Sodium-ion battery cells to enhance the energy storage in Europe. This video illustrates the two different configurations of enhanced Sodium cells that NAIMA Project will develop for high power and for low cost energy, and why it is crucial to create a new industry capable of ensuring the production and supply of 100% European batteries, including the raw materials, to cease the Asian dependency. The production follows the graphic image created for the project, in which the energy is the point that connects all the elements. It also has a clean iconography that allows it to be more dynamic and the animation’s movements are soft and clean. Finally, the transitions were thought to fusion each concept making it a more understandable video. NAIMA Project is led by a consortium formed by key actors of the energy sector that will test its advances in 3 multi-scale Business Scenarios to provide solid evidences about the competitiveness of its technology, in three energy storage systems environments (ESS): renewable generation, industry and private household.