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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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Novel Approach for Rapid Detection of Viruses

A new method for fast detection of the presence of viruses is being developed. It includes detection on surfaces, in the air, and in fluids from the human body.

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A team from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is involved in investigating electromagnetic field - matter interactions. Their work is dedicated to the development of electromagnetic sensors for rapid and contactless analysis of solids, liquids, and gases. They are currently investigating a possible new approach to make virus sensors based on the electromagnetic echo effect (EMEE). The proposed methodology can serve for detecting a wide variety of virus species in human body fluids, on surfaces and in the air. A similar approach can also be used to develop a sensor for express and contactless control of the authenticity of virus vaccines. The team believes that the development of an EMEE-based biosensor will strongly support any actions in the fight against diseases, such as COVID-19, that constitute a substantial public health risk. The overall concept of the novel immunosensor is summarized in this article: The members of the team are ready to demonstrate the sensor's performance with viruses and antibody samples, and are also open to collaborations on the topic. These results stem from the work of the team on the European project 'Device for Large Scale Fog Decontamination' with acronym COUNTERFOG of the FP7-Security Programme.


sensor, virus, rapid detection