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Publication released: A model for a life-long personalised Continuum of Integrated Care revolutionising healthcare delivery

The NOBEL Consortium (GA 766492) has just published a paper describing the Continuum of Integrated Care as a vision for the future of healthcare in Europe. The full-text article is freely available on the website of the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT).


The goal of this work was to analyse the impact of new emerging technologies on models of care and organisation of the health system to consequently develop a conceptual model for healthcare systems on how smart and emerging technologies can be exploited to increase the benefits for the patients and the sustainability of healthcare systems in the future. Discussions with experts from technological networks, clinics and regulatory agencies were used to identify and structure future development strategies for different healthcare-related key enabling technologies (KETs) and medical products with respect to their impact on healthcare systems. The model “Continuum of Integrated Care” offers also the opportunity for more equal access to healthcare even in rural and remote areas. Thus, the presented holistic concept of the new “Continuum of Integrated Care” puts all changes in healthcare into perspective to give guidance for all actors on how to align with the ongoing healthcare revolution. According to Kathleen Spring, CEO Bioanalytik Münster and main author: "In this paper published by the NOBEL project team, the Continuum of Integrated Care is described as a holistic concept to emphasise the impact of new emerging technologies on models of care and on the organisation of healthcare systems. It highlights the opportunities to exploit and to deliver innovative medical technology products and solutions for the benefit of patients." The Authors: Kathleen Spring, CEO at Bioanalytik Münster Nicolas Gouze, Engineer at VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH Paul Galvin, Head of ICT for Health Programmes at Tyndall National Institute Furio Gramatica, Director Development and Innovation at Fondazione Don Gnocchi Klaus-Michael Weltring, Bioanalytik Münster About NOBEL The NOBEL Project has created a unique European HealthTech ecosystem in Europe. It gathers all kind of stakeholders from academia to industry, and key technologies that have an application in healthcare among which: nanomedicine, robotics, smart systems, photonics, advanced materials, digital health. One of the 3 main missions of NOBEL is to build a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies into a unique vision: the Continuum of Integrated Care. About the Institute of Innovation and Technology Political and economic decisions require profound expertise and know-how. To achieve optimal outcomes, social and technology-related policy developments must be identified and labelled at an early stage. At the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), we provide the fundamental and necessary elements for these processes of detection and analysis. Since 2007, our experts work with daily dedication on analysing, researching and forecasting technological and social trends. How will different technologies and their fields of application shape future developments? How can these technological developments be enabled or encouraged? Which innovation policies have proven successful in the past? Which concepts and experiences already exist, specifically when compared internationally? What impact might these developments have on people, the economy, society and nature? All these are questions that continuously drive and motivate our analytical efforts at the iit.


Healthtech, smart medical devices, Innovation in Healthcare, Continuum of Care