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CitySCAPE: City-level Cyber-Secure Multimodal Transport Ecosystem. A new era in safety of the multimodal transport begins!

CitySCAPE is a project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, which consists of 15 partners from 6 European countries, united in their vision to cover the cybersecurity needs of the multimodal transportation. The project duration extends from September 2020 to August 2023.

Transport and Mobility

The Challenge The traditional security controls and security assurance arguments are becoming increasingly inefficient in supporting the emerging needs and applications of the multimodal transport systems, allowing threats and security incidents to disturb all dimensions of transportation. Therefore, the enormous potential of the multimodal ecosystem, namely a more efficient transportation, which lies on the extent to which it globally remains cyber-secure, is becoming vulnerable. The Proposed Solution CitySCAPE ( puts the multimodal transport ecosystem under the microscope while also considering its interplay with related critical NIS Directive sectors (energy, banking). It introduces innovative risk analysis techniques and orchestrates a number of software solutions to realize an interoperable toolkit that seamlessly integrates to any multimodal transport system. It allows the collaborative analysis of security/privacy persistent threats, forecasts cyber-security incidents, counteracts at highly-possible cyber-attack entry-points, assesses the impact in both technical and financial terms and finally, provides informative notifications to CERT/CSIRT. The proposed solution will be validated in regional-level pilots (in Tallinn, Estonia and Genoa, Italy) over a timely set of use-cases carefully selected by the end-users (i.e. transport operators). The findings will steer training sessions of expert/non-expert audiences and shape the standardization contribution to security (labelling) protocols. Want to know more? Website: Social media: Twitter: @EUCityscape LinkedIn: CitySCAPE Project


cybersecurity, multimodal, transport