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Content archived on 2024-03-25

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First policy brief of the TiGRE project - a systematic review to assess social and political trust

Enjoy reading our first policy brief! Discover our systematic review of those studies that address trust in government, trust in private or civil society actors, and that rely on eight major large-scale international surveys.

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Social, political and institutional trust has been the object of numerous surveys over the last couple of decades. These surveys usually have the goal to determine the level of trust in various actors or between actors. Needless to say, to be aware of the levels of trust is also to be aware of the health of our democracies. For these reasons, one of the numerous goals of TiGRE (Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe) Project is to identify and to fill in the main gaps of the existent surveys, with an aim of providing a broader and more fine-grained overview of the level of trust in our democracies. In fact, in TiGRE we believe that trust is not just a matter of vertical relations between citizens and public authorities. Instead, attention should also be given to horizontal trust relationships between actors that are part of the rule-making process, such as public agencies and courts. In addition, in TiGRE we argue that being aware of these less visible trust relationships is a prerequisite for enhancing policy-making and for designing appropriate policy design. The first policy brief of the TiGRE project addresses some of these issues. The goals of TiGRE policy brief are twofold: 1. To summarize the main findings of a systematic review of scientific contributions on political trust, which exploit the main results based on opinion surveys, focusing on trustee-related and trustor-related drivers of trust; 2. To highlight the main gaps that we have identified, and to show how, in particular, the TiGRE’s ongoing survey could remedy these gaps. Discover our first policy brief on our project’s website at This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 870722 (TiGRE).


Trust, governance, regulation, regulatory regimes, regulatory stakeholders, citizens, transparency, accountability, participation, cooperation, consent, compliance, legitimacy, regulatory instruments, enforcement styles, the media, policy briefs