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Content archived on 2024-03-25

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Climate and our health cannot be considered separately

An article on the European Human Exposome Network (EHEN) was featured on the European Science-Media Hub website, following interviews with three of the EHEN projects’ coordinators.

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The article states that climate and public health cannot be considered separately and studying the exposome, the sum of all environmental factors we are exposed to, is crucial in responding to this multidisciplinary challenge. “The nine projects of the European Human Exposome Network advocate for the integration of disciplines, ranging from the humanities to the hard sciences, to bridge gaps for evidence-based policies and reforms.” It also explains why the EHEN advocates for a “systemic” vision, which would allow us to study environmental factors and genetic factors along the course of an individual’s life. The three interviews are with Project Coordinators Professor Martine Vrijheid (ATHLETE), Professor Roel Vermulen (EXPANSE) and Professor Sylvain Sebert (LongITools). Each has a different focus: Professor Vermulen discusses the ‘urban exposome’, the environmental factors we are exposed to in cities, and designing healthy neighbourhoods for the future; Professor Vrijheid discusses the importance of a holistic approach and study of more than one exposure; and Professor Sebert talks about communication and policy tools relating to exposome research. Read the article and find links to the interviews here:


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