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Content archived on 2024-03-25

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The FETFX story and the future of emerging deep-techs in Europe

A new video and an interactive storytelling on revolutionary and disruptive innovations to celebrate the conclusion of FETFX.

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As the FETFX project comes to an end, we produced a video and an interactive storytelling tool that recounts the familiar faces who have introduced disruptive innovations in Europe, the activities that we have done to engage with various people, and the plans of the EIC in the coming years. Scaling up Disruptive Innovation with the European Innovation Council Watch the video here For more than 30 years, the European Union has supported visionary researchers’ pioneering ideas and planted the seeds of exciting discoveries on emerging technologies. The European Union has created one of the most visionary ever existing research instruments, which is now coming closer to practical goals and society through the European Innovation Council. Going beyond the borders of the first pioneers, the EIC is supporting high-gain research in deep-tech paradigms (EIC Pathfinder), ensuring the maturity of breakthrough technologies (EIC Transition), and scaling up innovations of visionary entrepreneurs (EIC Accelerator). We have produced a video that displays the legacy of emerging technologies and what has yet to come in the near future. The EIC and the Future of Emerging Technologies through the lens of FETFX FETFX has been key to share knowledge and engage different target audiences - the general public, policy makers, researchers and investors - around EU funded deep-tech multidisciplinary projects (Horizon 2020 FET, EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition). In its lifetime the FETFX team has nurtured the FETFX hub with new original contents, valuable resources and key results from its engagement activities. To conclude our journey and provide our readers and followers with an overview of the main achievements and most valuable contents of FETFX, an interactive storytelling PageFlow entitled EIC and the Future of Emerging Deep Techs in Europe has been released. It starts with an overview on Emerging Technologies in Europe and an introduction to the EIC, followed by video statements of the EIC champions and protagonists (Mina Teicher, Orestis Georgiou, Fredrik Hörstedt, Adrian Curaj, Rachel Armstrong, Vladimír Buzek, Silvestro Micera, Paolo Dario), a short introduction on the new financial instruments of the EIC, the EIC Board, and the EIC Programme Managers (with testimonial videos of Iordanis Arzimanoglou and Lars Frølund). The story then follows by the key achievements of FETFX: the ‘Future Tech Week’ initiative celebrating EIC Pathfinder projects, the ‘Voices from the Future’ booklet, recounting 30 years of breakthrough technologies in Europe, the ‘Journalist in the Lab’ experience, bridging the gap between researchers and journalists, the webinar on Publishing vs. Patenting, the Recommendation paper and the ‘Signals from the Future’ workshop’s outcomes on science communication in the EU’s high-risk research ecosystem. A collection of the ‘best of’ FETFX stories (Biotechnology & Health, ICT, Covid, Nanotech and Materials, Energy and Environment, the Youth and their relation to deep-tech, success stories from the EIC Transition) completes the user’s journey in this interactive storytelling flow. This is our story, this is us. Here’s the FETFX team signing off!


scaling up, future and emerging technologies, innovation, Biotechnology & Health, ICT, Covid, Nanotech and Materials, Energy and Environment, EIC Transition, Youth, deep-tech