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How can sunshine push your car farther?

A hyper-efficient solar electric sedan car provides an unprecedented driving range of 725 km.

Transport and Mobility

Imagine a car that you could drive for months without worrying about refuelling. That’s the promise of the Lightyear One, a sleek 5-seater electric sedan charged by solar panels with extremely low energy consumption. The EU-funded LIGHTYEAR brings to the world the first commercially available electric solar car that charges itself. The project has now been featured in the new CORDIS series of explanatory videos titled 'Make the Connection with EU-Science'. The highly energy-efficient vehicle reduces reliance on the energy grid – and therefore, fossil fuels – and works to overcome major barriers to market uptake of electric vehicles on a global scale, including range, high costs and heavy reliance on charging infrastructure. “Lightyear’s mission is to provide clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. Its product strategy is to deliver an ultra-efficient, long-range solar electric vehicle,” says Qurein Biewenga, LIGHTYEAR project fellow. Find out more about the LIGHTYEAR project in the CORDIS Results in Brief here.

Explanatory note

‘Make the connection with EU-science’ is a series of explanatory videos focusing on the scientific content and exploitation aspects of EU research projects. You can watch and/or download this video here: If you have any feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you! Send us any comments, questions or suggestions (but hopefully never a complaint!) to the usual email address,


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