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Smart and sustainable solutions for developing European eco-friendly products

Launched in July 2023, an open call for projects aims to support companies in quickly and economically deploying low-carbon, circular materials innovations.

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The EU-funded Convert2Green project is providing new business opportunities to materials suppliers. By doing so, they will be able to integrate their innovative, circular and carbon-neutral materials solutions into important European value chains, namely clean autonomous vehicles, smart health, industrial Internet of things, low-carbon industry and clean energy. Convert2Green is setting up a sustainable Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), a service for testing, financing and realising new product ideas and innovations. The OITB will provide access to technical facilities and specialised business services in order to accelerate market entry for novel circular and carbon-neutral materials to the five value chains.

Who can apply?

To offer financial support to SMEs, project partners have launched an open call for pilot case projects. Up to 20 SMEs, start-ups and large enterprises with technical or non-technical backgrounds will get access to excellent European research infrastructure and innovation services. Applicants should be involved in the development of novel, bio-based, recyclable, recycled or upcycled materials. They should also need support in developing, testing, validating and producing materials for the five aforementioned application areas. Companies interested in introducing novel materials from third-party sources to their products may also apply. However, the primary target of the open call is SMEs, taking priority over all other applicants.

Key dates

The call will be open until December 2024. Interested parties can apply anytime during this period. Submitted proposals will be assessed at the nearest cut-off dates (15 December 2023, 30 June 2024, 15 December 2024). Each use case will be co-funded by the applicant and Convert2Green. The overall budget is EUR 2 million. A (helpdesk) provides assistance to applicants. Mentors are also available to examine the technical and business feasibility of ideas prior to submission. The overarching aim of Convert2Green (Converting Facilities Network for accelerating uptake of climate neutral materials in innovative products) is to meet the needs of innovative small and large businesses in testing and validating their product ideas and prototypes, materials, or nano-surface treatment procedures and technologies. The project ends in December 2025. For more information, please see: Convert2Green project website


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