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In and b-isdn signalling integration on atm platforms

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New device makes for better communications Interface

Berlin-based Laboratories GMD-Fokus are seeking collaboration for their on-going work on the development of a Broadband Intelligent Peripheral (B-IP). The device will provide specialised resources for multimedia user interaction.

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The GMD-Fokus B-IP is an innovative and advanced multimedia server, which is able to interact with the Service Control Point and work together with a broadband end system (CPE). It is hoped that it will be able to make full use of the broadband transmission capabilities inherent in Intelligent Networks. The implications for Broadband Video Conferencing, for example, are very promising. The B-IP will allow for the keeping of a Conference Information Data Base holding information needed in user dialogues. It will also contain a Data Base locking mechanism to preserve data integrity and control the protocols to communicate with the end system and the Service Control Point. The B-IP is based on ATM technology and it is being developed for its use in telecommunications for public networks.

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