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Remote sensing of large wildland fires in the european mediteranean basin.

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Fire-spotting from satellites

An integrated approach to wildland fire management, MEGAFiReS, will utilize remote sensing at three stages: before, during and after, facilitating risk estimation, early detection and assessment of damage done to vegetation.

Climate Change and Environment

A wide range of sensing techniques are combined with aerial photography in order to analyse the likelihood of fire starting in any particular area, as well as to monitor the progress and effects of fires. The predictive possibilities of the system are the most innovative aspect and those that offer both economic and environmental benefits. Promising results have so far been obtained from the conjunction of low and high-resolution satellite sensors, though further research is required on some aspects of the remote sensing methodology. Not only the rapid response to forest fires, but also their anticipation and prevention, might be facilitated by remote sensing equipment being tested by the MEGAFiReS project. The monitoring of large and inaccessible forested areas can be made much easier by use of satellite technology.

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Climate Change and Environment

2 April 2014