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A New Concept: Inverse Engineering Techniques in the Design of Forging Processes

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New design tools make their mark on the forging industry

The design time of new forged products is set to be significantly reduced.

Industrial Technologies

Inverse Engineering Techniques are a set of computer-aided methodologies and tools that allow the automatic generation of designs for manufacturing processes, according to the specifications of the desired final product. They were originally developed in connection with the manufacture of structural and shaped products. However, the INEFOR project has successfully applied similar techniques to the design of forging processes, incorporating existing computer-aided design tools specific to forging. A prototype ‘inverse engineering tool' for the forging industry has been developed and tested, favourably, against experimental data. This innovation should permit a significant reduction in the time it takes to design forging processes for new or revised components required by industry. Users of these products need, therefore, wait less time for them, permitting them to operate more efficiently. The tool can also be used to improve the design of existing forging processes, which should both reduce the cost and improve the quality of forged components.

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