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Libraries in European Regions - Access to Telematics and Other Resources

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Regional information becomes global

In an age where information is empowerment, information management becomes a vital tool to successful entrepreneurship, business interaction and personal planning.

Digital Economy

Regional Information Services (RIS) has incorporated, into one massive database, any information of a public nature you could care to have at hand. Dubbed “Liberator”, RIS offers you the possibility to find whatever information concerning a region you could possibly wish for. Whether your need is to have business opportunities examined in a specific region, or you're interests lie in evaluating tourist or artistic attractions for your vacation, or even if you're wanting research on the general disability services proffered in some particular area, regional information services is where you'll find it. The basic idea behind RIS is to gather all the regional information of a specific country together and host it on one, comprehensive database accessible through the Internet. Within this, all information of a public nature can be viewed and utilized as required. The information will be accessible through highly organized and structured gateways, utilizing both private sources and public library information databases, thus making information attainment easy and direct. Furthermore, direct involvement from the community, interest groups, or agencies providing the source information, increases reliability and guarantees current, accurate and well presented information. An additional benefit is that the Liberator will introduce new resources to the public at large and offer new opportunities to improve personal skills, thus improving competition in the overall job market. Already implemented in several regions across Europe, the Liberator has proven successful in generating interest in such areas as Northern England, Aquitaine in France and Alentejo in Portugal. Though the information is of regional origin, the idea is, that its input will have a global impact.

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