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Medical industry moves to Internet media

Information flow and accessibility is a key ingredient to successful business. No less so within the medical industry in providing internet based services for a variety of purposes, to a wide category of users.


Not your stereotypical internet based service, e.Medical (registered Trade Mark), is a highly integrated internet medical assistance that has been structured around the conglomeration of multiple medical assistance companies as its primary focus. These companies have agreed to manage data information on a collective basis, making it possible to request or provide medical data (in standard http, SSL 128bit encryption) over a secure network. The type of data shared can be databases of personal medical records of expatriates or migrant labourers, patients in remote areas, bulletins, meetings, medical seminars, reports, images, research data, logistics, and practically any other form of information that the medical industry and their subsidiaries could possibly need. The construction of such an integrated, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is intended to provide an easy to access platform, in which personal medical cases, for example, could be accessed by the appropriately authorised medical practitioner anywhere in the world, giving the Aesculapian institution an immediate record of the medical history of the patient. This instant accessibility cuts down both in testing procedures, costs and duration of stay in hospitals or clinics. Another example of the advantages such an organic system offers is that doctors could request and be provided with, both textual and graphic examples of the data they seek. Images on diabetic retinopathy, for example, could be posted and viewed without the costly, time consuming, traditional formats for disseminating such information. Taking medical practice into the electronic information age, is proving to be a valuable enterprise and a worthwhile endeavour.

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