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Extended Statistical Information System

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User-friendly data analysis

Many businesses require effective data analysis upon which to base business decisions, yet data interpretation by non-experts is a difficult and tedious task. With this in mind, a Greek company constructed X-STATIS as an extended statistical information system for commercial statistical databases that makes data analysis user-friendly and effective.

Digital Economy

A commercial need exists for enhanced data analysis systems for use by non-experts that nevertheless utilise proper methodologies and reach effective conclusions. Data providers also seek user-friendly and normalised methods with which to analyse data as an added-value service for their clients. As many users are not experts, it is imperative that these systems are able to properly guide the user to the correct data analysis methodology while also reaching valuable conclusions. The X-STATIS system offers these advantages by utilising an interactive interface that is user-friendly for non-experts for choosing a data analysis method. This system also assists non-experts in data interpretation in order to reach effective conclusions. Another important feature is X-STATIS' capability of functioning as regular statistical software along with any data set and any database. It also has an interface that allows plugging-in new data analysis methods thus enhancing its features. Moreover, X-STATIS comprises many components, including a main module with a standard API (application programming interface) that makes incorporation of other analysis modules into this system possible. Also, a Statistical Advisor Module, which is open and parameterised conceals the intricate knowledge needed for data analysis while guiding non-expert users. In addition, a library of statistical methods is provided that classifies outputs for subsequent use as input for other methods. In essence, while this commercial area is exploited by overseas companies the X-STATIS is a European product that could extend Europe's marketability in the data analysis field. Advantages such as flexibility, user-friendly features, effective conclusions and non-expert use could make X-STATIS useful for a variety of businesses.

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