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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Transforming Broadcast Content Providers into

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Content management becomes SMARTer

An EC funded IST project called SMARTCAST exploits Produce Once, Publish Everywhere (POPE) capabilities for the benefit of multimedia content production and delivery.

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The production of multimedia applications in combination with multi-platform publishing has been one of the key concerns of specialists for years. Particularly for the media industry, this combination could offer compelling advantages since it provides new market openings as reception options are increasing. In this way, traditional broadcasters may turn into multimedia content providers involved in activities ranging from web editing to TV production. Within this context, SMARTCAST technology combines interactive streaming tools for production and innovative service development for integrated delivery. More specifically, the SMARTCAST tool enables real-time construction of multilayer streams containing video, audio, text and graphics. Being fully scriptable and employing XML infrastructure, the deployment environment has been designed in such a way that it can be adapted to existing content provider systems. Based on one of the widely used technologies that most devices support, the MPEG-4 technology, interactive content may be viewed on PCs (using RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media Player), PDAs, set-top boxes and others. Moreover, the SMARTCAST supports broadband delivery using Internet Protocol (IP) techniques with the aid of satellite, Digital Subscriber Line, cable modem or wireless networks. This project exploited POPE technology to provide content managers unique capabilities of generating interactive video content in the most flexible and user-friendliest way. For instance, having selected the suitable video material for each scene, the creator may add interactive elements, such as polls, trivia quiz, or information layers by specifying their timing along with the required images and texts. These programs may then be easily deployed by simply selecting the most favoured platform(s) such as PDA, Web, or interactive TV. Apart from media industries, the SMARTCAST technology is also highly applicable to the e-learning sector bringing broadband services for image, audio, video, text and graphics material for the benefit of society. For further information, visit the project's site:

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