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Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform

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Setting the future standards on lightweight mobile devices

The Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform (LEAP) project has developed an agent-based services that support three requirements of a mobile enterprise network. The technology has been developed for covering communication and co-operation needs of mobile teams users in dynamic networked organisations in a ubiquitous environment.

Digital Economy

The project commenced with the intention to address the need for open infrastructures and services that support dynamic mobile enterprises. Taking these needs into account, the LEAP project concentrated on developing services that meet mobile enterprise workforce requirements including Knowledge Management, Decentralised Work Co-ordination and Travel Management. A central standardised Agent Platform was developed that actively responds to the communication and co-operation needs of mobile teams. The platform has many benefits including FIPA compliance, its extensible size and functionality, its Java based operating system; it supports agent communications over GPRS and is released as open source. The platform and its services have also been evaluated in two field trials, one with ADAC of Germany and the other with BT in the UK. Whilst the LEAP software was developed and released in open source under the LGPL licence, it has already been downloaded by users for various other projects. The trials have shown to change the way mobile workers currently function and will soon give the user more freedom and technical support; hence providing increased colleague interactivity. Hence LEAP has made numerous achievements, and this is especially so when it is combined with the JADE agent platform because it allows for the ubiquitous deployment of agent-based applications. Having also driven the FIPA standards towards mobile devices, the gateways and a newly created technical committee are paving the way for future standards. It is thus expected that the JADE-LEAP platforms will drive the way for new kinds of agents on lightweight devices and new kinds of collaborations for the near future.

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