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Biomass cogeneration network (BIOCOGEN)

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Studying biomass cogeneration plants

Addressing technological and market issues concerning biomass, the BIOCOGEN project collected and analysed information about biomass Cogeneration Heating Plants (CHP) in Europe.


Biomass is a valuable environmentally friendly source of energy, where plants and plant-derived materials are used for fuel supply, power and heat generation, as well as chemical production. Any plant derived organic matter, such as agricultural, wood, animal and municipal wastes can be potentially considered biomass. Pertinent to a wider utilisation of biomass for energy generation is the gaining of a greater insight into the economic, social, environmental, and ecological impacts of its use. Particularly, in order to address any technological, market, and policy issues associated with biomass, it is important to know the existing situation concerning biomass CHP. In line with this, BIOCOGEN reviewed a number of cogeneration plants fuelled with solid biomass. With the aid of a questionnaire, the conducted survey involved a sample size of 122 plants and complemented already existing information. Given the numerous information sources, the several languages and the variety of protocols the compilation of data proved a challenging task. Collected information was further processed and the derived report presents a quantitative analysis of an extensive number of biomass CHPs. Many aspects were investigated, such as age, size and nature of the plant, technologies, fuels, installed capacities, including electricity/thermal/ratio of electricity-to-thermal and investment costs. This report is an updated reference source about the current parameters characterising costs and infrastructures of biomass CHPs in Europe. The better understanding gained may contribute to an improved market penetration and a cost reduction along with the wider benefits in many scientific/technological and socio-economic areas.

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