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Laser pointer add-on lowers gas leak detection times

UK-based AOS Technology has come up with an inexpensive way to convert linear sensors into two-dimensional gas imaging systems.


In the framework of the VOGUE project, a laser pointer was developed to detect natural gas leaks from gas mains. In order to add additional value to this important advance, AOS Technology engineers designed an add-on component that enables the laser pointer to scan in two dimensions (horizontally and vertically). This enhancement will help technicians in the field locate gas leaks in a systematic fashion. The system is based on a complex arrangement of plates, hinges and cams that allows a wide degree of variability in scanning options. It is customised to the specifications of the particular sensor to which it is attached. Synchronisation of data collection is achieved through the use of an optical encoder wheel. If so desired, one-dimensional scans can be executed following a simple modification. The two-dimensional images created contribute to faster, more effective location of natural gas leaks. The modular system can also easily be adapted to accommodate other types of linear sensors. Apart from environmental monitoring, other potential areas of application include surface and infrared scanning as well as imaging system control and orientation systems. The concept has been demonstrated successfully during the VOGUE project. AOS Technology is looking to partner with organisations active in a variety of markets.

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25 May 2019