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Hard milling of sintered cemented carbides for wear parts in manufacturing and construction

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Guidelines for preserving worker protection rules

Guidelines representing safe and stable manufacturing processes for workers and machine operators have been designed.

Industrial Technologies

In modern construction and manufacturing, milling of sintered cemented carbides in their final state of hardness is a process that has peaked concern regarding costs, quality, eco-efficiency and worker's health. Regarding worker's health and safety, a life cycle analysis has been created which examines all the elements causing an impact. Safety and stability in manufacturing and construction industries is important in both the process of machining cemented carbides as well as the conditions concerning workers and machine operators. This is why several investigations have been conducted. First of all, an analysis and description of abrasion was done to determine if the resulting dust could invade the body through the lungs. Furthermore, cobalt contamination was examined because of its negative health implications. Finally good practice guidelines for maintaining appropriate standard of health and safety were set up. The results are presented in a CD ROM so that industrial end-users may apply the economical benefits after further optimising the processes in their every-day-work.

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