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Regional validation of meris chlorophyll products in north sea coastal waters

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Database for monitoring eutrophication conditions

A database has been created which contains information on sea surface reflectance, concentrations of chlorophyll-a, suspended matter and properties such as phytoplankton absorption, particle absorption and particle backscattering.

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The REVAMP project has supported the monitoring of the eutrophication condition of the North Sea through assessing and verifying chlorophyll or CHL concentration, a key bio-geo-physical parameter. Due to regional fluctuations in North Sea water composition, CHL products have been originated and validated. Data were derived from various areas of the North Sea, the Celtic Sea and the English Channel and arranged into a database in three parts. These include historic data as well as project data gathered in 2002 and 2003. The database is essentially a relational database system with certain additions designed as a subset of tables and a special user interface permitting data-retrieval in different formats. It is unique in that it has data from nearly ten years of research in coastal waters with parameters that are difficult to assess due to the methods and logistics. Numerous publications have utilised the information in the database. Furthermore, it can provide an immense amount of information to case-2 water researchers in Europe and throughout the world. The documentation is available to the public and the database is accessible via Internet by clicking at:

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