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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Watertime: improving the quality of urban life through sustainable decision-making on city water system reform

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Developing an analytical framework for water supply

A clean water supplying is vital for maintaining a decent quality of life. Therefore, an analytical framework and best quality guidelines have been developed to ensure high quality public water supplies.

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The WATERTIME project helped policy makers working in the public sector to choose the right course of action regarding water systems in 29 European cities. The work helped to improve the decision making process and took into account economic, social and environmental factors. A formal framework was developed for studying data resulting from the implementation of public services for water. The analytical framework was based on a comprehensive literature search of relevant case studies. The data was collected through a series of spreadsheets and databases and the resulting information collated in a common, coherent format. The case studies reflected how decisions were arrived at and identified local, national and global level actors. The results were used to draw up a series of best practice guidelines. These recommendations and the decision making framework help to improve the health of European citizens through improved monitoring and regulation of the public water supply.

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