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Adaptive decision support system for stormwater pollution control

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Stormwater management aided by automated expert-level judgement

Without adequate management, urban stormwater may lead to flood and pollution risks. Using a system tool developed as part of this project, stakeholders involved in decision making will be able to use a knowledge-based system to conduct vulnerability screening as well as to develop case scenarios.

Climate Change and Environment

The EU-led DAYWATER project served to provide a solution to the negative effects of stormwater pollution experienced in urban areas, such as the overloading of the city sewer system. Urban stormwater management was found to be impeded by the large number of stakeholders involved and by the necessary multidisciplinary knowledge. Project partners therefore developed an adaptive decision support system which facilitates decision making. It is a combination of simulation models, assessment tools, databases, guidance documents and road maps. One of the partners, a German limited company, developed FLEXT, an expert system tool. This prototype tool is unique as it has been combined with a Geographical information system (GIS). It provides both table-like and graphic interfaces and is suitable for formulating expert systems in classification or diagnostic problem domains. In practice it can be used to screen areas which are vulnerable to stormwater runoff as well as to test the outcomes of various scenarios. For stakeholders involved in urban stormwater management, this provides a dynamic assessment tool. It allows for decisions to be taken which integrate the spatial topology and the dynamic nature of urban development. Furthermore, this means that expert level judgement can be somewhat automated. This can be particularly helpful in cases such as the planning of on-site stormwater infiltration systems, when expert-level judgement is needed repeatedly. By automating some of the high level judgement necessary, the management process becomes more efficient.

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