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Odra region network for cross-border cooperation and integration of economy, science and technology

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Putting small businesses in the driving seat

An EU-funded projected supported cross-border cooperation between Germany and Poland by establishing a virtual network to integrate scientific and technological research and promote local enterprises.

Climate Change and Environment

The OREST virtual network provided a platform for knowledge transfer and the exploitation of research concerned with sustainable transport. The network supported the needs of members while involving them in the decision-making process. The aim was to promote the participation of partners from the newer Member States and encourage the development of innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project focused on the Odra region, which covers parts of eastern Germany and western Poland. Research was mainly concerned with alternative fuels for environment-friendly vehicles and integrated transport in urban areas as well as the development of regional and national policies. Benefits now include being part of an international network that facilitates communication with other SMEs, technology providers and potential users. The OREST virtual network also provides valuable access to information on transport technology and related fields. As members of OREST, project partners are able to keep abreast of EU policy and help bring about the realisation of the European Research Area by integrating the region's scientific resources. By enabling new innovative SMEs to establish themselves, the OREST project will help boost development in the Odra region and increase the competitiveness of the EU itself.

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