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Organisation of Manufuture implementation conferences 2008-2009

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European manufacturing conferences boost sector

Yearly manufacturing conference, backed by local governments, strengthens competitiveness and industry in Europe.

Industrial Technologies

Manufacturing is a vital aspect of the European economy. The manufacturing industry in Europe differentiates itself from that of other regions in the world through rigorously high standards and innovation. The EU's Manufuture initiative, considered a 'European technology platform' (ETP), is speeding industrial transformation to high added-value products, processes and services. This is being achieved through intensive research and innovation, with focus on high-skills employment. Since its inception in 2003, Manufuture has been hosting an annual conference by the country which holds the EU presidency at the time. The event's objective is to highlight progress of initiatives and activities under the Manufuture project, as well as to debate the future of the manufacturing industry in Europe. Prerequisites for sustained development of manufacturing are also focused on. These conferences have helped identify and fill the gaps in research and development. For example, the 2008 conference was held under the French presidency with a focus on how European SMEs and regional developments can efficiently contribute to the industrial implementation of Manufuture roadmaps. The 2009 conference, under the Swedish presidency, highlighted how implementation should lead to a sustainable European manufacturing industry, taking into account environmental and social issues.

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