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Reinforcing scientific and technological potential of the Natural Products Laboratory - University of Athens

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New stature for natural products chemistry laboratory

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is Greece's primary state institution and one of Europe's biggest. Now it is striving to gain a foothold in EU research activities in the field of natural products chemistry.


The main aim of the ′Nat Force′ project is the scientific and technological reinforcement of the University of Athens' Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry (LNPC). This will extend and transform the LNPC's status to that of a Natural Product Research Centre comparable in standing with other European centres distinguished for their scientific excellence. The project has secured state-of-the-art equipment that facilitates advanced research in the field of natural products chemistry and complements the laboratory's already existing modern and powerful instrumentation. Nat Force has also enhanced the LNPC's visibility and stature across the EU, and increased its participation in national and European research programmes – it is currently coordinating two EU FP7 projects. The Nat Force project has significantly boosted the LNPC's strategic partnerships and network activities, and enabled necessary technology transfer from well-established European research centres. Another advantage has been improved scientific capacity by attracting experienced researchers already familiar with new technologies and advanced methodologies. This will lead to the production of significant knowledge in and new applications of natural compounds in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and agricultural sectors. Strengthened scientific collaboration across the EU enhances international industrial partnerships and collaboration with well-known research centres. In fact, three highly reputable European research centres have been identified for further developing strategic partnerships: CNRS in France, the Technical University of Dresden in Germany, and the University of Basel in Switzerland. Achieving the objectives of the Nat Force project will ultimately attract the attention of industry, stakeholders and other interest groups, and make a positive contribution to European integration.

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