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Bilateral Support for the International Linkage with Kina

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BILAT-SILK a new silk road

The European-funded Bilat-Silk project is helping to raise awareness of the mutual benefits of cooperation between China and Europe under FP7. Like trade-routes of old, it brings to China's markets the proverbial caravan laden with information and

Climate Change and Environment

The mutual benefits of cooperating with Europe under the Union's main research framework programme (FP7) may not be immediately obvious. So the Bilat-Silk project has worked to increase understanding among Chinese business and research institutions of the potential advantages of greater research cooperation with Europe. Newsletters, info-days and the latest FP7 news helps to keep Chinese stakeholders informed of the research and cooperation opportunities with the EU. Additionally, the interaction between delegates of the Commission and Chinese policy-makers has helped attract main actors in both economic regions. The project also conducted a detailed mapping of joint research themes between China and Europe. Furthermore, Bilat-Silk has studied the methodologies and practices of both regions, and acts in an advisory capacity for science and technology issues to ensure optimum participation in FP7. Bilat-Silk has also planned to provide specialised training for 'National contact points' (NCP) on FP7 services and issues, and develop partner-search activities to further enhance the collaborative experience.

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