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The Bio-Economy Technology Platforms join forces to address synergies and gaps between their Strategic Research Agendas

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The economy of biotechnology

Biotechnology represents an important part of industry in Europe and touches on many fields, from medicine to agriculture. Ensuring its success has become a prerequisite for a healthy economy.

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It is widely understood that a healthy economy is important to our general welfare. And a healthy bio-economy (or the economy of biotechnology) is directly linked to the health, chemical, energy and agriculture industries, which represent a very important part of the overall economy in most European countries. Becoteps, a joint EU project between nine 'European technology platforms' (ETPs), is contributing to a strong bio-economy in Europe in many different ways. First of all, it is building closer collaboration between the bio-economy ETPs involved in Becoteps and others wishing to join. Secondly, it is outlining recommendations for better interaction between the bio-economy ETP stakeholders linked to product, research, innovation and policy issues. Thirdly, it is fostering discussions between European and national research and innovation initiatives on the public and private level to encourage implementation of the ETPs' research agendas. Ultimately, Becoteps will help link science and application by addressing synergies and gaps between the research agendas of the ETPs. It will help prepare the scientific community for research in this area through workshops on cross-cutting bio-economy issues. The first workshop was planned to cover trust and collaboration in the food and feed chain, the second integration of non-food chains, and the third cross-cutting sustainability issues. The workshop recommendations on research and policy are planned to be published in a report. In addition, Becoteps is promoting the concept of a knowledge-based bio-economy (KBBE) within the European Commission, European Parliament and national ministries in EU Member States. This includes involvement in the relevant constituents of Europe's research and coordination programme, the ERA-NET. Dissemination events are planned to discuss the KBBE, as well as future collaboration and recommendations from the workshops on implementing cross-cutting bio-economy issues. In short, Becoteps helps to reinforce the bio-economy as part of the whole European economy and create a solid pillar for advancement and technological development in many areas.

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